Our Health is Our Heritage – Exactly Why Filipino-american Wellbeing Statistics Remain Unfulfilled

Pacific County’s college Health figures comprises Filipino American students, but to me personally statistic remains faulty

Rather than choosing the numbers, we should know their foundation at the United States and the population of Filipino Americans.

Comes with an excellent story. They are likewise a manifestation of our country. For your last century, Filipino Americans had contributed a lot for this country. There’s a Plethora of contributions of Filipino Americans.

The Very First contributions came from the Various Filipinos who joined the United States Army. This was the beginning of the heritage. https://www.kusi.com/computer-science-puns-could-you-get-much-better-than-this/ The donation came from the Filipinos who volunteered to function during World War II from the United States Armed Forces.

For Filipino American wellness, Naomie Kinney was advocating for more than 30 years. She authored”Filipino Americans: History and Instruction”. After Naomie retired from training, she chose to move straight back to the classroom.

We must really be thankful that Naomie has been a voice of reason behind filipino-americans that usually do not comprehend our children suffer so much from the wellness challenges they deal with. She’s dedicated her entire life to teaching kids about our donations and filipino-american heritage.

In Pacific County High School, Dr. http://mskimlab.postech.ac.kr/index.php/2017/09/03/short-article-reveals-the-undeniable-facts-about-write-my-paper-and-how-it-can-affect-you/ Orson Anthony”Orson” has written a Publication called Developmental Training Susan. It focuses on the struggles which filipino-americans has confronted daily. Orson who functions as the chancellor to get PCHS wrote this book.

Dr. Orson, along side different instructors, local community members, and group leaders developeda curriculum and released a publication identified as Developmental Education Susan. Deborah Creagan which emphasizes that the philosophical differences involving different minority groups along with Filipinos wrote this publication. It is actually a book that is well researched and can be employed by educators.

Thomas M. Powell has been a professor of educational studies for over ten years. He writes a blog called Who I Am. This blog focuses on how Filipino Americans has contributed to the United States.

Dr. Murray N. Nasibu is the Manager of Instruction to PCHS. He believes that individuals have to be aware of their participation of Filipino Americans into the U.S.. We have to recognize the strong ties of civilization, speech history which bind these Filipinos, As soon as we learn of those contributions of Filipino Americans.


The National Asian Pacific American Heritage Alliance (NAPAHA) can be a federal nonprofit organization dedicated to educating, teaching, and empowering Latino/a/a communities. These communities have faced other challenges due of these Latino heritage, poverty, and discrimination.

What is lacking when it comes to the Filipino American health statistics is the consciousness that we have of the contributions of this group. It would be much easier to address the health issues and challenges faced by our community if we could fully understand and appreciate the strong bond that Filipinos share with this country.

Developmental Education Susan is available online or purchased from the Pacific County Health Department. It is available in a PDF format. Please contact this office for further information.

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